How to mow a lawn

Anyone can mow a lawn, right? You drag the mower out from the shed or from  under the house, check that it has fuel or the battery is charged, and away you go. A couple of laps around the edge, then you whiz  up and down, back and forth, and the job’s done! And yet,[…]

Lemon tree, very pretty…

“And the lemon’s flower is sweet… But the Aussie Citrus Gall wasp Is impossible to beat…” I love to use lemons in my cooking, and I understand the Melbournian obsession with the tree. Unfortunately, our old enemy the Citrus Gall Wasp has shared the love. This native pest has had its way with many a fine[…]

Waxflowers now on show

  Winter in Melbourne is not all bare branched exotics and swathes of damp green foliage. Wandering around Victoria’s streets and gardens, you may have noticed a native small to medium shrub covered in small star-shaped pink and white flowers. This is the Long Leaf Waxflower, Philotheca myoporoides (formerly known as Eriostemon myoporoides), a member[…]

Luculia is a winter wonder

  One of the stars of Melbourne gardens in winter is Luculia gratissima, an evergreen shrub/small tree from the lower Himalayas  and southern Asia. The perfumed clusters of pink-white flowers appear from autumn to mid-winter.  On fine winter days, their vanilla-sweet scent is a particular joy. Take a stroll down Monash Rd at the University of Melbourne[…]