May 23, 2016

Garden design




A well-designed garden is more than just a great space to live in. It can also add significant value to your property.

Each situation is different. Some gardens need to be re-imagined and re-built, sometimes from scratch. These are challenging but wonderfully worthwhile projects.

Other gardens may just need some tweeking – a ‘garden makeover’ if you prefer that TV term. I have rejuvinated (ok, ‘madeover’) many existing gardens by re-imagining the layout, plant choices and materials.



Fee: from $250 plus plants, materials and labour

Many gardens don’t require a major overhaul. These gardens already have a good basic structure, and don’t require new decks, paving or terracing. They just need to be ‘tweeked’: garden beds re-shaped or properly defined, plantings replaced or rejuvinated, and soft landscaping elements such as mulches and path toppings renewed.

This is a much more informal process than that required for a full garden re-design.

We meet, we walk through the garden, and we discuss your options. Then we agree on what changes you would like to see. From there, you can leave it to me.

I will stay in touch and keep you involved, and your input is always welcome.



What’s the process?

Firstly, we meet and through discussions we agree upon a basic design for your garden.

I then draw up a general design, the Concept Plan. You are encouraged to make suggestions and changes as we progress. After all, it’s your garden!

If ‘hard’ landscaping works such as paving, steps, decking or pegolas are required, a qualified and registered Domestic Building Practitioner is engaged. I can organise quotes for you, or you can choose your own. It’s important to note that you contract and organise payment directly with the landscape contractor, although I’m happy to manage the project on your behalf, or act as an intermediary.

Once the hard landscape (including soils) is in place, I personally select and plant the garden for you, in accordance with our agreed Planting Plan.


Concept Plan

Fee:  from $750  (according to size and scope of project )                             

Following a thorough site analysis and discussions regarding your preferences and aims for your garden, a Concept Plan is drawn which illustrates the proposed design and layout of the garden. This plan gives a “bird’s eye view” of your garden, and may include side-on section views as well as 3D “walk-through” images.


Landscape Documentation Plan

Fee:  from $750  (according to size and scope of project)                              

These include detailed planting plans, construction details and materials specifications for use by landscape construction contractors.


Project Management

Fee: $75 per hour

I am happy to oversee the construction phase of your project to ensure that quality is maintained and the integrity of the design is adhered to. I will be available at an hourly rate to deal with those little issues and problems that always seem to arise during this vital stage.